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How One True Calling Led Others to Find Theirs

We are passionate about working with young adults to discover their true purpose and calling. The journey of our founder, Laurie, began about 20 years ago through an experience that occurred at church one night. As the pastor discussed the subject of purpose, she heard God ask, “What are you passionate about? I then shared with Him my love for the lost in understanding their design and His greater purpose for their lives. This was the start of my journey.” God showed Laurie a holistic process of discovering who the young adult is, how they are designed, and what their greater purpose and calling is in life. This powerful experience launched her in pursuit of her life’s true calling. She has been pursuing this dream ever since, and she would love the opportunity to get to know you and work with you to discover your calling and passion in life as well.

Rediscovering Your Purpose

Since 2002, The Journey has helped guide many young adults in discovering their purpose in life. Laurie has crafted a unique process in The Journey that allows gifts and purpose to come to light. Together, we discuss possible paths and tackle critical choices. Direction and hope come to frame a bright future. Clients walk away from The Journey inspired and excited, ready to set out on the road to their dreams. Meet a few of our clients who graciously share their experiences of working with us through The Journey.

Supplying You with the Tools You Need to Discover Your Passion

Through years of experience working with young adults as an academic advisor and teaching in cognitive psychology, our founder Laurie has developed processes to give you the tools to discover your skills associated with your passion. Together we gain perspective, peace, and clarity to make wise decisions about your future, and as priorities begin to take shape your direction becomes clearer. Let’s face your future with confidence!

Skills and Accomplishments

Guidance You Can Trust Backed by Three Decades of Experience

For the last 30 years, our founder Laurie has served others by working with them to make critical decisions that help them flourish in their lives. In addition to her work with The Journey, since 2001 she has served as an Academic Advisor. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Laurie has taught college since 2011. Laurie is an engaging public speaker sharing her expertise in psychology and cognitive science with a variety of audiences. She loves inspiring others with understanding about the power our thoughts have in shaping our reality. As an active member of her community, Laurie has served on many steering committees designed to help young people succeed in their career choice.

Equipping You to Make Critical Decisions about Life

Before you spend countless years and dollars chasing down purpose in your life, give us a chance to shine a light on your true calling.

Inspiring Career Direction with Hope for a Bright Future

We will share years of expertise, psychological testing, and key questions to bring light to your new path.

Sharing How Words Have an Impact on Our Journey

Laurie will excite your crowd about the power of the mind. Let her expertise on cognitive psychology inspire a new view on life. Book your engagement today.

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