Bringing Your Future Into Focus

Helping You Discover Clear Vision for Your Life

Providing Guidance Through Life’s Journey

We are all created to grow in God’s purpose for our lives. Meaningful work and educational opportunities can help us unlock our potential. Whether you are a young adult headed for college, a mother re-entering the workforce after raising a family or a man seeking professional direction, The Journey provides you with the tools you need to move forward with a purpose.


Our founder has over three decades of experience as a psychology professor and academic advisor.


No matter your situation in life, The Journey puts the power of our Personality Test and Gift Assessment to work and sets you on a path to success.


Laurie brings her extensive knowledge of cognitive psychology to the stage to share about the impact of our thinking in order to inspire a new view on life.

Helping You Understand Your Goals and Altering Expectations for Informed Decision Making

Life takes us on a unique journey, and when we are trying to find our purpose we often get off track by our very own thought process or by comparing ourselves to others. If you have found yourself in a transitional period in your life, The Journey process offers guidance and resources to assist you with making well-informed decisions that put you on the track to achieving success in all aspects of your life.

Understanding the Power of Thinking to Navigate Life Successfully

When we have a clear picture of our objectives and can view our choices differently it leads to better decision making. By understanding the impact and power of the way we think, we are able to navigate life and make confident decisions.

Providing You with the Tools You Need for Success

In many instances, we struggle to identify the direction we are headed in life. We go through years of checking boxes for a sense of accomplishment and search for validation through others. All too often we end up unhappy and unfulfilled with the choices we have made, because we feel a lack of purpose. With over 30 years of professional experience and helpful resources, Laurie guides you along The Journey process to reinvent yourself and find your true identity in Christ. Take the journey and a step in the right direction by contacting us today!

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